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On 04/20/2015 09:09 AM, Jeff Moyer wrote:
> Hi, Jens,
> This flag was introduced under the auspices that the nvme blk-mq
> conversion would make use of it. That never materialized. Are there
> still plans to make use of it? If not, I'd like to get rid of it. If
> so, then let's document it better.

Yep I still want to use it, and I do have a patch that uses it as well
that I've run through testing. I thought I had pushed it somewhere, but
it doesn't seem like I have. I just wanted to get the lower hanging
optimizations out there first, like the kmalloc/kfree and
queue-lock-for-completions removal. Former is in, latter is not yet.

It's a useful optimization for lots of cases and I'm sure it'll see
other uses, once the nvme patch is in. That will give people a reference

Jens Axboe

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