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SubjectFwd: Re: sparc64: Build failure due to commit f1600e549b94 (sparc: Make sparc64 use scalable lib/iommu-common.c functions)

> On (04/19/15 14:09), David Miller wrote:
> > On (04/18/15 21:23), Guenter Roeck wrote:
> >> lib/built-in.o:(.discard+0x1): multiple definition of
> >> `__pcpu_unique_iommu_pool_hash'
> >> arch/powerpc/kernel/built-in.o:(.discard+0x18): first defined here
> >> .. I get a similar failure in the
> >> powerpc:allmodconfig build
> Maybe ping the powerpc folks becuase if they can do a quick
> conversion, this change isn't necessary.


The disussion above []
is in reference to the issue that Guenter Roeck
identified. The problem is that we have a
static DEFINE_PER_CPU(unsigned int, iommu_pool_hash);
in both lib/iommu-common.c as well as arch/powerpc/kernel/iommu.c,
and as Guenter correctly pointed out,

" DEFINE_PER_CPU translates to DEFINE_PER_CPU_SECTION, which in turn is
defined as

#define DEFINE_PER_CPU_SECTION(type, name, sec) \
__PCPU_DUMMY_ATTRS char __pcpu_scope_##name; \
extern __PCPU_DUMMY_ATTRS char __pcpu_unique_##name; \
--> __PCPU_DUMMY_ATTRS char __pcpu_unique_##name; \
extern __PCPU_ATTRS(sec) __typeof__(type) name; \
__typeof__(type) name

if CONFIG_DEBUG_FORCE_WEAK_PER_CPU is configured, which is the case here.
The marked line above shows that __pcpu_unique_iommu_pool_hash is declared as
global variable"

This results in a build error for allmodconfig on powerpc, due to
a multiple definition of __pcpu_unique_iommu_pool_hash.

Given that the goal is to use the functions in lib/iommu-common.c
as the Generic IOMMU pooled allocator that will be a superset of
functionality in arch/powerpc/kernel/iommu.c, DaveM suggested that I
ping you to see if you can do a quick conversion to handle this
duplicate defintion, rather than rename iommu_pool_hash in iommu-common.c.

Would that be possible?


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