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SubjectRe: sparc64: Build failure due to commit f1600e549b94 (sparc: Make sparc64 use scalable lib/iommu-common.c functions)
On (04/17/15 22:47), Guenter Roeck wrote:
> The problem is caused by commit f1600e549b94 ("sparc: Make sparc64
> use scalable lib/iommu-common.c functions"), which introduces
> static DEFINE_PER_CPU(unsigned int, iommu_pool_hash);

I have to confess that I'm a little confused about what happened here..

The specific patch (2/3) above should have come from this submission

This does not add any additional defines for iommu_pool_hash.

It also does not have any references to fields like page_table_map_base:
instead, these were switched over to things like:
- *dma_addrp = (iommu->page_table_map_base +
+ *dma_addrp = (iommu->tbl.table_map_base +
((iopte - iommu->page_table) << IO_PAGE_SHIFT));

But when I clone
and do a git show of the commit-id above, I see deltas that
dont make sense (they seem to be from a patchset from somewhere
in the middle of the review chain from the thread).

What am I missing?


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