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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 25/28] IB/Verbs: Use management helper cap_af_ib()

On 04/16/2015 05:09 PM, Hefty, Sean wrote:
>>> Sean, can you please put a precise writeup what does it take to
>>> support AF_IB... I am a bit
>>> confused here and wasn't sure if this can be supported with RoCE.
>> I think this means IB GID addressing is checked (Native Infiniband
>> Address) and not AF_IB (which is socket address/protocol family like
>> INET and INET6).
>> I think this naming is confusing and maybe cap_ib_gid is better ?
> I need to trace back through the code to see where this is used, but I thought the check was determining if an address conveyed using sockaddr_ib applied to the port. Sockaddr_ib was intended to target IB-classic specifically. It should apply to RoCE/IBoE as well. I don't think it applies to RoCEv2/IBoUDP without a translation.

The usage is:

if dst_addr->sa_family == AF_IB
cma_resolve_ib_addr --> cma_resolve_ib_dev

So I guess IBoE using ib address rather than ip?

Michael Wang


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