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Subject[PATCH] Revert "nfs: replace nfs_add_stats with nfs_inc_stats when add one"
This reverts commit 5a254d08b086d80cbead2ebcee6d2a4b3a15587a.

Since commit 5a254d08b086 ("nfs: replace nfs_add_stats with
nfs_inc_stats when add one"), nfs_readpage and nfs_do_writepage use
nfs_inc_stats to increment NFSIOS_READPAGES and NFSIOS_WRITEPAGES
instead of nfs_add_stats.

However nfs_inc_stats does not do the same thing as nfs_add_stats with
value 1 because these functions work on distinct stats:
nfs_inc_stats increments stats from "enum nfs_stat_eventcounters" (in
server->io_stats->events) and nfs_add_stats those from "enum
nfs_stat_bytecounters" (in server->io_stats->bytes).

Signed-off-by: Nicolas Iooss <>

As I haven't got any reply from the message I sent a few weeks ago, I
am now sending a patch.
More details about the reason of this revert can be found in my
previous e-mail,

fs/nfs/read.c | 2 +-
fs/nfs/write.c | 2 +-
2 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/fs/nfs/read.c b/fs/nfs/read.c
index 568ecf0a880f..848d8b1db4ce 100644
--- a/fs/nfs/read.c
+++ b/fs/nfs/read.c
@@ -284,7 +284,7 @@ int nfs_readpage(struct file *file, struct page *page)
dprintk("NFS: nfs_readpage (%p %ld@%lu)\n",
page, PAGE_CACHE_SIZE, page_file_index(page));
nfs_inc_stats(inode, NFSIOS_VFSREADPAGE);
- nfs_inc_stats(inode, NFSIOS_READPAGES);
+ nfs_add_stats(inode, NFSIOS_READPAGES, 1);

* Try to flush any pending writes to the file..
diff --git a/fs/nfs/write.c b/fs/nfs/write.c
index 759931088094..fae7f97ad34d 100644
--- a/fs/nfs/write.c
+++ b/fs/nfs/write.c
@@ -580,7 +580,7 @@ static int nfs_do_writepage(struct page *page, struct writeback_control *wbc, st
int ret;

nfs_inc_stats(inode, NFSIOS_VFSWRITEPAGE);
- nfs_inc_stats(inode, NFSIOS_WRITEPAGES);
+ nfs_add_stats(inode, NFSIOS_WRITEPAGES, 1);

nfs_pageio_cond_complete(pgio, page_file_index(page));
ret = nfs_page_async_flush(pgio, page, wbc->sync_mode == WB_SYNC_NONE);

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