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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 0/5] Add smp booting support for Qualcomm ARMv8 SoCs
On Tue, Apr 14 2015 at 16:32 -0600, Lorenzo Pieralisi wrote:
>On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 03:21:17PM +0100, Kumar Gala wrote:
>> > Looking beyond this set of patches, I can foresee that you won't care
>> > about the generic arm64 cpuidle driver either, or more precisely the
>> > separation between cpuidle subsystem+driver and the SoC-specific
>> > back-end (cpu_operations).
>> That's probably true for what I guess are a number of reasons. I'm guessing the arm64 cpuidle driver expects PSCI.
>Wrap lines sensibly please.
>The arm64 cpuidle driver, that is now arm generic cpuidle driver does
>not expect anything apart from an enable-method (and you pulled
>part of its back-end implementation for arm32 Qualcomm platforms, FYI).
The backend for this SoC would leverage the same platform code as ARM32.
The cpu_operations callbacks for init and suspend will call into the the
same platform functions used by arm32 QCOM SoCs.


>It took years to consolidate it and the main reason was the lack of
>standard interfaces for power down/up sequences that this patchset of
>yours wants to promote in arm64 world.
>The lack of standard power interfaces may not have been an issue for you,
>who cares about Qualcomm code, it has been a sore issue for people
>trying to generalize things across ARM platforms in the kernel, which is
>the only sensible way forward.
>PSCI is a standard interface (and Qualcomm are already contributing to
>it, for the records) that can certainly be extended, and you are welcome
>to contribute to it, but certainly not ignored.
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