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SubjectRE: Regression caused by using node_to_bdi()
Hi, Christoph

> -----Original Message-----
> From: 'Christoph Hellwig' []
> Sent: Tuesday, April 14, 2015 1:33 AM
> To: Zhao Lei
> Cc: 'Christoph Hellwig';; 'Jan Kara'; 'Jens Axboe';
> 'LKML'
> Subject: Re: Regression caused by using node_to_bdi()
> Tejun posted a series last week that moves node_to_bdi back inline to -fsdevel.
> Can you apply patches 1-18 of the series
> "[PATCHSET 1/3 v3 block/for-4.1/core] writeback: cgroup writeback support"
> and see if that helps your benchmark?
I done performance test for this patchset(1~18).

But the result is not changed, performace is not increased:

v3.19-rc1 : io_speed: valcnt=10 avg=214.688 range=[211.460,216.190] diff= 2.24% stdev=1.417 cv=0.66%
v3.19 : io_speed: valcnt=10 avg=212.529 range=[206.160,216.980] diff= 5.25% stdev=3.588 cv=1.69%

# This is 3 patch before
v3.19_04754_1b30e6 : io_speed: valcnt=10 avg=214.072 range=[210.690,217.440] diff= 3.20% stdev=2.222 cv=1.04%
v3.19_04765_495a27 : io_speed: valcnt=10 avg=210.163 range=[205.130,215.630] diff= 5.12% stdev=3.140 cv=1.49%
v3.19_04766_26ff13 : io_speed: valcnt=10 avg=210.045 range=[207.590,212.550] diff= 2.39% stdev=1.860 cv=0.89%

# This is patch of using node_to_bdi()
v3.19_04767_de1414 : io_speed: valcnt=10 avg=205.216 range=[202.870,206.620] diff= 1.85% stdev=0.977 cv=0.48%

# This is 3 patch after
v3.19_04768_b83ae6 : io_speed: valcnt=10 avg=205.265 range=[203.720,206.170] diff= 1.20% stdev=0.721 cv=0.35%
v3.19_04769_e4d275 : io_speed: valcnt=10 avg=205.787 range=[205.250,206.150] diff= 0.44% stdev=0.306 cv=0.15%
v3.19_04770_7b14a2 : io_speed: valcnt=10 avg=203.558 range=[203.110,204.020] diff= 0.45% stdev=0.308 cv=0.15%

v4.0-rc1 : io_speed: valcnt=10 avg=204.917 range=[203.370,205.890] diff= 1.24% stdev=0.663 cv=0.32%

# This is 1~18 of above patchset on top of v4.0-rc1
v4.0-rc1_00018_579465 : io_speed: valcnt=10 avg=205.348 range=[204.430,206.120] diff= 0.83% stdev=0.572 cv=0.28%

v4.0 : io_speed: valcnt=10 avg=205.442 range=[204.680,207.290] diff= 1.28% stdev=0.831 cv=0.40%

(Above performance data is changed with my first mail,
because the old harddisk was broken, then I replaced to a
new one and run all performance test again)


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