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Subjectnew mailing list for y2038

I've created a new mailing list on the Linaro mailing list server for
discussing the kernel patches for y2038:

Please join if you are interested in discussing these or want to send
patches. The intention at the moment much to keep this list explicitly
open to newbies, so we will get a lot of incorrect patches there along
with other patches. Patches can get sent here for an initial review
before they get sent to the real maintainers, or you can put the list
on Cc when sending a patch that should be applied and you already know
what you are doing.

We already got a lot of patches last year through the Outreachy
(then known as OPW) application process, and John and I also use
this work as part of our Linaro job to train new kernel developers.

There also a wiki page at to describe
what we are doing, and anybody who wants to help out here is
welcome to contribute patches on this list.


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