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Subjectpowerpc: Dead code in commit bdc728a849a7
Hi Daniel,

your commit bdc728a849a7 ("powerpc: move find_and_init_phbs() to pSeries
specific code") in today's Linux next tree moves a function into the
pSeries specific setup.c file. I noticed it because I'm running an
automated bot on top of linux-next which looks for variability-related
defects with undertaker-checkpatch[0].

Inside the function, there is an #ifdef block which depends on
CONFIG_PPC32 to be set. However, the file at
arch/powerpc/platforms/pseries/setup.c will only be built if
CONFIG_PPC_PSERIES is enabled[1], which through its Kconfig dependencies
can only be selected if CONFIG_PPC64 is enabled[2]. As CONFIG_PPC32 and
CONFIG_PPC64 are mutually exclusive, the #ifdef can never evaluate to
true, and the corresponding code is dead.

Should I send a patch which removes the #ifdef and the dead code or
would you prefer to do this yourself?

Best regards,


[1] arch/powerpc/platforms/Makefile, line 18
[2] arch/powerpc/platforms/pseries/Kconfig, line 2

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