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SubjectRe: Looking for extensible kernel database format
On Thu, Apr 9, 2015 at 5:57 PM, Luis R. Rodriguez
<> wrote:
> Hey folks,
> next week I'd like to address replacing the need for CRDA [0] as a
> udev helper with in-kernel functionality There's a few motivations
> for this but a good one is that the kernel already has now
> cryptographic support to verify the integrity of the regulatory
> database, just as it has support for verifying the integrity of
> modules / firmware. We'd use something like:
> request_file(file_reqs)
> Where the file_reqs provides the requirements, including cryptographic
> requirements, and I suspect we'd use LSM to vet for the cryptographic
> needs of the file.
> Now other than this step CRDA currently *reads* a database and today
> we have our own format. If we want to extend this though we will have
> to issue a new regdb format and old kernels might not be compatible
> with the new format. This is a typical database problem and I'm hoping
> we are not the first to deal with this. What *extensible* kernel
> database format are there already, are they generic already? I'd
> prefer something already using netlink.
> Any recommendations?
> [0]

OK I haven't heard back so will just work towards a very simple
extensible db and proceed as planned to reuse the existing
request_firmware_direct() API but with cryptographic requirements and
vetting through LSM.


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