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SubjectRe: [Patch Part1 v8 00/37] Convert x86 to hierarchy irqdomain and stacked irqchip

* Jiang Liu <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> The generic hierarchy irqdomain and stacked irqchip implementation
> has been merged into v3.19, so this patch set converts x86 interupt
> management to hierarchy irqdomain and stacked irqchip. You may access it at:
> irqdomain/x86_p1_v8
> This patch set has been reviewed several times and it missed v3.19
> merging because several bugs got fixed just before the merging window.
> The main changes since last review are:
> 1) Rebased the patch set onto v4.0-rc6.
> 2) Merged bugfixes into the patch introducing the bug so they don't break
> bisecting.
> I will send out another following-on patch set to clean up code and interfaces
> obseleted by this patch set.

So JFYI, the v4.1 merge window has just opened and I probably won't
have time to look at this for a week or two.



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