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Subject[ANNOUNCE] iproute2 4.0.0
4.0 kernel is now released and this is the corresponding iproute2. There are the
usual array of manual and small bugfixes. A log of the changes have been
around better support of network namespaces, BPF and the ss command.



Report problems (or enhancements) to the mailing list.

Alex Pilon (1):
Allow specifying bridge port STP state by name rather than number.

Andy Gospodarek (1):
bridge: drop reference to unused option embedded from manpage

Bryton Lee (1):
prevent the read ahead of /proc/slabinfo in ss

Daniel Borkmann (3):
ip: route: add congestion control metric
m_bpf: remove unrelevant help lines
tc: m_bpf: fix next arg selection after tc opcode

Ebben Aries (1):
iproute: ip-gue/ip-fou manpages

Eric Dumazet (1):
ss: better 32bit support

Hagen Paul Pfeifer (1):
ss: group DCTCP socket statistics

Jiri Benc (1):
configure: add missing INCLUDE to netnsid detection

Jiri Pirko (2):
tc: push bpf common code into separate file
tc: add support for BPF based actions

Lennart Sorensen (1):
Fix misspelling of defrag in ip-l2tp.8

Mark Einon (1):
ip: Make uniform the use of synonyms list, show and lst

Nicolas Dichtel (7):
ipnetns: allow to get and set netns ids
iplink: add support of IFLA_LINK_NETNSID attribute
bridge/fdb: display link netns id
ip-monitor: allow to monitor ip rules
Revert "configure: add missing INCLUDE to netnsid detection"
Revert "ip netns: Fix rtnl error while print netns list"
ipnetns: add a runtime check for RTM_GETNSID support

Pavel Šimerda (1):
docs: make spacing consistent

Roopa Prabhu (5):
iproute2: bridge: support vlan range adds
iproute2: bridge vlan show new option to print ranges
bridge link: add support to specify master
fix ip -force -batch to continue on errors
lib utils: fix family during af_bit_len calculation

Stephen Hemminger (4):
update kernel headers to 3.19 net-next
update kernel headers based on net-next 3.21
update headers to 3.20-rc1

Thomas Graf (1):
vxlan: Group policy extension

Vadim Kochan (29):
ss: Show stats from specified network namespace
ss: Fix filter expression parser
ss: Split tcpstap struct to sockstat & tcpstat
ss: Replace pktstat struct by new sockstat struct
ss: Replace unixstat struct by new sockstat struct
ss: Unify state socket output:netid, state, rq, wq
ss: Unify details info output:ino,uid,sk
ss: Unify socket address output by one generic func
ss: Fixed wrong tcp ato value from netlink
ip xfrm: Allow to specify "all" option for monitor
ip xfrm mon: Add objects list to the usage output
ss: Add filter before printing unix stats from Netlink
ss: Skip filtered netlink sockets before detailed info
man ip-link: Add short info about 'dynamic' flag
man ip-link: Add notice about local netns devices
man ip-link: Add short description about 'group'
man tc: Highlight minor & major, notice they are hex
man ip-netns: Notice about loose device when do 'del'
ss: Allow to specify sport/dport without ':'
lib utils: Use helpers to get AF bit/byte len
ip netns: Fix rtnl error while print netns list
tc class: Show class names from file
man ip-link: Add ip-netns(8) in 'SEE ALSO'
man ip-netns: Fix syntax in default ns process, indent's
tc class: Ignore if default class name file does not exist
man ip-netns: Fix shifted layout at bottom of 'ip netns del'
ip-link: Align usage at [link-netns ID] line
man ip-link: Add missing link types - vti,ipvlan,nlmon
man tc: Add description about class name option (1):
xfrm: Fix -o (oneline) being broken in xfrm and correct mark radix

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