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SubjectRe: Invitation and RFC: Linux Plumbers Device Tree track proposed
On Sat, Apr 11, 2015 at 09:20:33PM +0200, Rowand, Frank wrote:
> In recent years there have been proposed tools to aid in the creation of valid
> device trees and in debugging device tree issues. An example of this is the
> various approaches proposed (with source code provided) to validate device tree
> source against valid bindings. As of today, device tree related tools,
> techniques, and debugging infrastructure have not progressed very far. I have
> submitted a device tree related proposal for the Linux Plumbers 2015 conference
> to spur action and innovation in such tools, techniques, and debugging
> infrastructure.
> The current title of the track is "Device Tree Tools, Validation, and
> Troubleshooting". The proposal is located at
> I am looking for several things at the moment:
> 1) Suggestions of additional topics to be discussed.
> 2) Emails or other messages expressing an interest in attending the
> device tree track.
> 3) Commitments to attend the device tree track (the conference committee
> is looking at attendee interest and commitments as part of the process
> of accepting the device tree track).

It happens that I'll be in Seattle at the time for the KVM Forum.
It's my intention to attend the Plumbers' device tree track, except
where it collides with things I need to attend at KVM Forum.

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