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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 01/17] IB/Verbs: Implement new callback query_transport() for each HW
On Fri, Apr 10, 2015 at 01:10:43PM -0400, Doug Ledford wrote:

> documented. I get why you link the address variant, because it pops out
> all the things that are special about IBoE addressing and calls out that
> the issues need to be handled. However, saying requires_iboe_addr(),
> while foreshadowing the work that needs done, doesn't actually document
> the work that needs done. Whether we call is dev_is_iboe() or
> requires_iboe_addr(), it would be good if the documentation spelled out
> those specific requirements for reference sake.

My deep hope for this, was that the test 'requires_iboe_addr' or
whatever we call it would have a *really good* kdoc.

List all the ways iboe_addr's work, how they differ from IB addresses,
refer to the specs people should read to understand it, etc.

The patches don't do this, and maybe Michael is the wrong person to
fill that in, but we can get it done..


BTW: Michael, next time you post the series, please trim the CC

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