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SubjectRe: [BUG/PATCH] kernel RNG and its secrets
Am Freitag, 10. April 2015, 16:46:04 schrieb Daniel Borkmann:

Hi Daniel,

>On 04/10/2015 04:36 PM, Stephan Mueller wrote:
>> Am Freitag, 10. April 2015, 16:26:00 schrieb Hannes Frederic Sowa:
>>> I suspected a problem in how volatile with non-present output args could
>>> be different, but this seems not to be the case.
>>> I would contact llvm/clang mailing list and ask. Maybe there is a
>>> problem? It seems kind of strange to me...
>> Do you really think this is a compiler issue?
>If clang/LLVM advertises "GCC compatibility", then this would
>certainly be a different behavior.

As you wish. I will contact the clang folks. As the proposed fix is not super
urgend, I think we can leave it until I got word from clang.

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