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SubjectRe: OT: Open letter to the Linux World
> Look, the systemd problem is self-limiting: the smartphone is to the
> PC what the PC was to the minicomputer and mainframe before it. A
> decade from now you'll plug your phone into a USB3 hub with a
> keyboard, mouse, and HDMI adapter (or chromecast) and that will _be_
> your workstation. All the "my vax is way more powerful than your dinky
> little compaq and I will cling to it unto death" arguments will
> resolve themselves in time via the obvious solution.
> Android has a no GPL in userspace policy, systemd is gpl. Android has
> its own init system it's not moving off of, and android is shipping a
> billion devices annually while the PC gets kicked up into the server
> space the way big iron always is by the next generation of devices
> everyone actually interacts with. (This time that's called "the
> cloud", and it's every bit as lucrative and boring as punch cards and
> JCL and timesharing and so on.)
> Since systemd is excluded from android, I'm not getting particularly
> worked up about it because if I didn't care what the

Uh there is a "suggestion" of kdbus replacing android binder so yeah
systemd might be close behind.

I would not be surprised if they try to ram systemd down google's throat...

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