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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] perf tools: Add a option 'remove' to perf-config and features which get or set a config variable.
On Thu, Apr 09, 2015 at 11:26:31PM +0900, Taeung Song wrote:
> This patch consists of adding functions
> which get, set or remove a specific config variable.
> For the syntax examples,
> perf config [options] [section.subkey[=value]]
> display all perf config with default values
> # perf config
> or
> # perf config -a | --all

so this is ^^^ what the previous patch does right?

> display a specific key(section.subkey) and value
> # perf config report.queue
> set a specific key and value
> # perf config report.queue=100M
> remove a specific key
> # perf config -r | --remove report.queue

haven't checked the code but:

[jolsa@krava perf]$ ./perf config krava=true
The config variable does not contain a section: krava=true[jolsa@krava perf]$

missing '\n'

we can set anything now:
[jolsa@krava perf]$ ./perf config krava.krava=true

the restriction for only known keys would need similar stuff like
for the '-a' option I asked in the previous email right?


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