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Subjectiptables problem upgrading kernel from 3.18.8 to 3.19.1
I've just had an exception to my "uneventful kernel upgrade" monotony.

My boot scripts failed when setting up the firewall due to this :-

xt_recent: hitcount (1) is larger than packets to be remembered (1)
for table xxxx

This is a completely straightforward

iptables -A yyyy -j REJECT -p tcp --reject-with tcp-reset -m recent
--set --name xxxx --rsource

Looking at the history for xt_recent.c it looks like this was introduced
in abc86d0f99242b7f142b7cb8f90e30081dd3c256 but maybe corrected in
cef9ed86ed62eeffcd017882278bbece32001f86 ?

Whatever, 3.19.1 is still affected, it can be worked around by setting
ip_pkt_list_tot in the module parameters.


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