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SubjectRe: regression: nested: L1 3.15+ fails to load kvm-intel on L0 <3.10

On 19/03/2015 20:58, Stefan Bader wrote:
> This was added in 3.10. So the range of kernels affected <3.10 back
> to when nested vmx became somewhat usable. For 3.2 Ben (and
> obviously us) would be affected. Apart from that, I believe, it is
> only 3.4 which has an active longterm. At least that change looks
> safer for stable as it sounds like correcting things and not adding
> a feature. I was able to cherry-pick that into a 3.2 kernel and
> then a 3.16 guest successfully can load the kvm-intel module again,
> of course with the same shortcomings as before.

Feel free to backport whatever you want to distro kernels. But I'm
going to NACK for stable@ anything that is related to nested virt.

The code has changed so much that I simply cannot do a meaningful
review of most patches when applied to old codebases.


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