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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 06/30] PCI: Combine PCI domain and bus number in u32 arg
>> struct pci_scan_info {
>> int bus;
>> struct device *parent;
>> struct pci_ops *ops;
>> void *sysdata;
>> struct list_head *resource;
>> int domain;
>> struct pci_host_bridge_ops;
>> }
>> Do you like this one or keep it like now ?
>> pci_scan_root_bus(struct device *parent, int domain, int bus,
>> struct pci_ops *ops, void *sysdata, struct list_head *resources, struct pci_host_bridge_ops *ops)
> I don't think reducing the number of arguments is a good argument for
> squashing some of them together.
> I don't really want to add a structure like that because it adds management
> complexity for all the callers because it contains per-bridge things (bus,
> parent, domain, resource, sysdata). Things like struct pci_ops and struct
> pci_host_bridge_ops are much simpler because drivers can statically
> allocate a single copy and use it for multiple devices.
> I think it might make sense to put the struct pci_ops pointer inside struct
> pci_host_bridge_ops. That would get rid of one of the arguments.
> You might also be able to get rid of the "bus" argument, since the caller
> should be passing an IORESOURCE_BUS resource in the resource list, and
> "bus" should be the same as res->start.

I think this make sense, I will try to find a better solution.


> Bjorn
> .


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