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SubjectRe: [PATCH V5 6/8] USB: f81232: clarify f81232_ioctl()

Johan Hovold 於 2015/2/9 下午 04:42 寫道:

> The value you should be returning is
> jiffies_to_msecs(port->port.closing_wait) / 10, unless the value is
> ASYNC_CLOSING_WAIT_NONE in which case you simply return that, and
> similarly for close_delay.

I'll try to fix it, or reuse default value next version.

> Make sure to update the commit log for the next revision so that it
> describes what you actually do.
> I will probably not have time to review this version this week I'm
> afraid.

OK, I'll review it again, fix and resend it after Chinese New Year (2/23+).

Thanks all seniors.

With Best Regards,
Peter Hung

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