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SubjectRe: gpio-pxa: getting GPIOs by devicetree phandle broken
Alexandre Courbot <> writes:

> Adding Robert who reported the same thing.
> On Sat, Feb 7, 2015 at 6:28 AM, Tyler Hall <> wrote:
>> 1. Require child nodes in DT for each bank
> This would break DT compatibility.

>> 2. Refactor gpio-pxa to only register one gpiochip
> Sounds better, especially since this would reflect the hardware more
> accurately. One DT node should translate into one GPIO chip.
Could I know where "should translate into _one_ GPIO chip" comes from ? Is it a
specification, or is it a new rule we're creating ?

And if it's a new rule, I'd like to know what backs it up .

> problem is that I'm afraid several other drivers are doing the same
> thing and thus are now similarly broken.
That's also what I'm afraid of.

> The following is also likely to work as a workaround, but I would not
> go as far as saying this should be taken as a fix. Hans, since you
> wrote 7b8792b, could we have your input on this?
I was going to suggest the very same approach. If this one (or a similar one)
doesn't meet success, then my weekend of revert queries is not over ... and I
don't like reverts.



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