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SubjectRe: [E1000-devel] [PATCH] net:ethernet:intel:Remove outdated fix me comment in the function, gb_acquire_swfw_sync_i210
On Mon, 9 Feb 2015, Bj?rn Mork wrote:

> Jeff Kirsher <> writes:
>> If you want to see Nick's patch, feel free to view his patch on
>> my queue tree:
> which said:
> - s32 i = 0, timeout = 200; /* FIXME: find real value to use here */
> + s32 i = 0, timeout = 200;
> Comments like the one deleted by that patch do have some value in my
> opinion: They document that the constant is chosen arbitrarily and is
> not taken from some datasheet.
> Not a big deal, but leaving such comments, even if the value never ever
> changes, could save someone from trying to figure out where the heck you
> got that constant. And there's noone actually misinterpreting this
> comment as "something needs to be fixed here", is there? So the cost of
> leaving the comment is exactly zero.
> Just my .02 ?. I'm not going to tell you how to maintain your driver,
> of course. At least I try not to :-)

I think, for now, we should NAK this. It's a short comment and you don't
want me to replace it with a philosophical statement on how you could
tune the timeout. That's what the data sheet is for.

(Replying from my home account and not my work account -

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