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Subject[PATCH v5]: clk: Add common clock support for Mediatek MT8135 and MT8173
This patchset contains the initial common clock support for Mediatek SoCs.
Mediatek SoC's clock architecture comprises of various PLLs, dividers, muxes and clock gates.

This patchset also contains a basic clock support for Mediatek MT8135 and MT8173.

Also included is now my PMIC wrapper series as of v3. Since it now depends on
the clock drivers I can no longer post it independenty.

This driver is based on 3.19-rc1 + MT8135 and MT8173 basic support.

Changes in v2:
- Re-ordered patchset. Fold include/dt-bindings and DT document in 1st patch.

Changes in v3:
- Rebase to 3.19-rc1.
- Refine code. Remove unneed functions, debug logs and comments, and fine tune error logs.

Changes in v4:
- Support MT8173 platform.
- Re-ordered patchset. driver/clk/Makefile in 2nd patch.
- Extract the common part definition(mtk_gate/mtk_pll/mtk_mux) from clk-mt8135.c/clk-mt8173.c to clk-mtk.c.
- Refine code. Rmove unnessacary debug information and unsed defines, add prefix "mtk_" for static functions.
- Remove flag CLK_IGNORE_UNUSED and set flag CLK_SET_RATE_PARENT on gate/mux/fixed-factor.
- Use spin_lock_irqsave(&clk_ops_lock, flags) instead of mtk_clk_lock.
- Example above include a node for the clock controller itself, followed by the i2c controller example above.

Changes in v5:
- Add reset controller support for pericfg/infracfg
- Use regmap for the gates
- remove now unnecessary spinlock for the gates
- Add PMIC wrapper support as of v3


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