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SubjectRe: [Question] should we export set_suspend_voltage()?
On Fri, Feb 06, 2015 at 10:57:49AM +0800, Yi Zhang wrote:

Please fix your mailer to word wrap within paragraphs, your mail is very
difficult to read and reply to.

> do you think it's good to export the set_suspend_voltage()? to make it
> controllable by the regulator itself? another method in my opinion is
> add a set of virtual-regulator for this usage?

> could you please share your advice?

There's been some discussion of this in the context of some Qualcomm
systems recently, search the archives for discussions especially with
Bjorn Andersson recently. The basic idea was to mirror the existing
APIs but with an additional mode argument (and permisions) to allow
consumers to manipulate states other than the default state.
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