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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/6] drivers: isdn: act2000: capi.c: fix checkpatch errors
2015-02-07 21:43 GMT+01:00 Paul Bolle <>:
> [Adding Tilman.]
> On Sat, 2015-02-07 at 11:19 -0800, Joe Perches wrote:
>> Does anyone still use these cards?
> 0) Good question.
> 1) None of the (two dozen) commits in drivers/isdn/act2000/ added since
> v2.6.12 appear to be triggered complaints, suggestions, etc. of actual
> users.
> 2) Broader picture: if I remember correctly there are now four different
> flavors of ISDN in the kernel:
> - really old: pre-i4l
> - very old: i4l
> - just old: CAPI
> - not so old: mISDN
> I could spend another 24 hours refining and relabeling these categories,
> and matching the various drivers to these categories. But I'm pretty
> sure none of the current categories contain all the drivers. And I'm
> certain all current categories support one or more drivers that none of
> the other categories do. So the current ISDN situation is a bit messy.
> Tilman might be able to provide a clearer, and maybe less grumpy,
> summary of the current situation.
> 3) Anyhow, this is an i4l card. i4l is deprecated since v2.6.22. And it
> was obsolete before that!
> 4) Furthermore, it seems consumer grade ISDN is on the way out. Eg, my
> ISP will disconnect my, let's call it, ADSL over ISDN connection in less
> that two months because they can't be bothered anymore to support that
> niche.
> 5) So we could let the various flavors of ISDN limp along for another
> few years. But maybe we should consider, say, removing i4l and pre i4l
> and see who complains. That might be a rude thing to do. So perhaps the
> various ISDN flavors should be left alone until ... what exactly?
> Paul Bolle

In that case I will drop this patchset. I thought it might have been
useful and a good way to learn
but I'm just wasting everyone's time with it if it's that deprecated.



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