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Subject[Question] should we export set_suspend_voltage()?

Hi, Liam & Mark:

seems at present, the set_suspend_voltage() is designed to cover the suspend voltage handling from board level, when the system enters into the suspend;
but the behavior of my chip is as following:
a) there are two sets of registers to configure one regulator's voltage separately, one is for active mode, the other is for the low power mode, say, suspend-to-ram;
b) both of the sets have control bits independently;
c) once the low power mode is triggered, by external signal, for example, pull-down a gpio, the regulator switches to use the registers for low power mode;
d) the consumers have different requirements for the voltage in low power mode according to different scenario, IOW, we cannot assume a fix value when system boots up;

do you think it's good to export the set_suspend_voltage()? to make it controllable by the regulator itself?
another method in my opinion is add a set of virtual-regulator for this usage?

could you please share your advice?

thanks very much;

Yi Zhang
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