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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/4] mm: cma: add functions to get region pages counters
On 02/14/2015 10:32 AM, Gioh Kim wrote:
> 2015-02-13 오전 7:15에 Stefan Strogin 이(가) 쓴 글:
>> From: Dmitry Safonov <>
>> Here are two functions that provide interface to compute/get used size
>> and size of biggest free chunk in cma region.
> I usually just try to allocate memory, not check free size before try,
> becuase free size can be changed after I check it.
> Could you tell me why biggest free chunk size is necessary?
It may have changed after checking - at beginning of allocation
this information is completely useless as you mentioned, but
it may be very helpful after failed allocation to detect fragmentation
problem: i.e, you failed to alloc 20 Mb from 100 Mb CMA region
with 60 Mb free space, so you will know the reason.

Best regards,
Safonov Dmitry.

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