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SubjectRe: clk mux get_parent return type
Rhyland Klein <> writes:

> I saw a series of patches posted last year by Ambresh which addresses
> (at least mostly) changing the return type of clk_mux_get_parent.
> Namely, this series changing it to an int from an u8.
> I am running into this error right now, and noticed that linux-next
> still seems to use u8's, as this series seems to have been dropped. I
> didn't see anything that suggested that this was on purpose, but I
> wanted to find out if there was a reason this was dropped or if it just
> got forgotten about (I haven't found a V3 which should have addressed
> fixing all the get_parent return values yet).

The patch author is apparently no longer at TI (mail bounces). That
might explain a thing or two.

Måns Rullgård

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