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SubjectLogitech G-series drivers

I would like to submit to your attention for inclusion in the mainline kernel
a series of drivers for a set of Logitech keybord devices. I forked the
sources under a GPL/GPLv2 license and performed maintenance and stabilization
work on them.

The repository I am working on is at

Short description of the modules and files:

- hid-g110 - Logitech G110 (tested)
- hid-g13 - Logitech G13 (tested)
- hid-g15v2 - Logitech G15, version 2 (tested)
- hid-g19 - Logitech G19 (tested)

- hid-g15 - Logitech G15 (not tested)
- hid-g510 - Logitech G510 - not ready

- hid-gcore - common functions for other modules
- hid-gfb - framebuffer implementation for on-device displays
- hid-ids.h - product IDs

I would like the opinion of a kernel developer on the possibility of including
these drivers in the kernel. If the answer is favorable, I will prepare a
series of patches against the kernel's master branch and work towards them
being accepted.

Thank you.

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