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Subject[v3.20] Regression: V3.20 doesn'nt wake up from suspend
In suspend state the power-led remains on (should be blinking).
So may be the kernel does not reach suspend state correctly.
Once suspended, pressing the suspend key to wake up does not have
any visible effect.

There is nothing special in the logs.

I tried to bisect, but I ran into an unbootable kernel, so all I
can say is:
Last good kernel: 3.19.0-00463-g3e8c04e
First bad kernel: 3.19.0-02595-gc5ce28d

Suspend has always been working, so this a regression.

It is a FUJITSU LIFEBOOK AH532/FJNBB1C, BIOS Version 1.09 05/22/2012

Thanks, Jörg

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