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SubjectRe: [LKP] [mm] 7d5b506f3c2: -3.9% pigz.time.minor_page_faults
Hi Huang,

On Thu, 12 Feb 2015 09:35:26 +0800 Huang Ying <> wrote:
> FYI, we noticed the below changes on
> git:// master
> commit 7d5b506f3c295ff81e34235544a9e6ac143743c1 ("mm: incorporate read-only pages into transparent huge pages")

You may need to be more precise about the tree that you are using as
linux-next rebases every day and so there could be different
interactions with a single commit depending on what else is in a
particular release. For example, the above commit appears in 4
different linux-next releases so far (next-20150204, next-20150209,
next-20150210, next-20150211).

Also, mm related problems should probably also be reported to Andrew

Stephen Rothwell
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