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Subject[PATCH 0/6] PM / sleep: Support for quiescing timers during suspend-to-idle

This series adds support for quiescing timers during the last state of
suspend-to-idle transitions.

Patches [1-4/6] together are functionally equivalent to the combo RFC patch
I sent last time (

Patches [5-6/6] add ->enter_freeze callback implementations to intel_idle
and the ACPI cpuidle driver.

[1/6] - Rework the suspend-to-idle "mechanics" in preparation for the subsequent
changes. The existing functionality should not change after this.
[2/6] - Modify update_fast_timekeeper() to take struct tk_read_base pointers as
[3/6] - Make it safe to use the fast timekeeper while suspended.
[4/6] - Support for quiescing timers during suspend-to-idle (core part).
[5/6] - ->enter_freeze callback for intel_idle.
[6/6] - ->enter_freeze callback for ACPI cpuidle.

This works as expected on everything I have in my office and can readily test.

The patches should apply without any problems on top of the current Linus' tree.


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