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Subject[PATCH 3.16.y-ckt 033/126] spi: dw: explicitly free IRQ handler in dw_spi_remove_host()
3.16.7-ckt21 -stable review patch.  If anyone has any objections, please let me know.


From: Andy Shevchenko <>

commit 02f20387e1bca550639c37b1945f20cd32ddfcce upstream.

The following warning occurs when DW SPI is compiled as a module and it's a PCI
device. On the removal stage pcibios_free_irq() is called earlier than
free_irq() due to the latter is called at managed resources free strage.

------------[ cut here ]------------
WARNING: CPU: 1 PID: 1003 at /home/andy/prj/linux/fs/proc/generic.c:575 remove_proc_entry+0x118/0x150()
remove_proc_entry: removing non-empty directory 'irq/38', leaking at least 'dw_spi1'
Modules linked in: spi_dw_midpci(-) spi_dw [last unloaded: dw_dmac_core]
CPU: 1 PID: 1003 Comm: modprobe Not tainted 4.3.0-rc5-next-20151013+ #32
00000000 00000000 f5535d70 c12dc220 f5535db0 f5535da0 c104e912 c198a6bc
f5535dcc 000003eb c198a638 0000023f c11b4098 c11b4098 f54f1ec8 f54f1ea0
f642ba20 f5535db8 c104e96e 00000009 f5535db0 c198a6bc f5535dcc f5535df0
Call Trace:
[<c12dc220>] dump_stack+0x41/0x61
[<c104e912>] warn_slowpath_common+0x82/0xb0
[<c11b4098>] ? remove_proc_entry+0x118/0x150
[<c11b4098>] ? remove_proc_entry+0x118/0x150
[<c104e96e>] warn_slowpath_fmt+0x2e/0x30
[<c11b4098>] remove_proc_entry+0x118/0x150
[<c109b96a>] unregister_irq_proc+0xaa/0xc0
[<c109575e>] free_desc+0x1e/0x60
[<c10957d2>] irq_free_descs+0x32/0x70
[<c109b1a0>] irq_domain_free_irqs+0x120/0x150
[<c1039e8c>] mp_unmap_irq+0x5c/0x60
[<c16277b0>] intel_mid_pci_irq_disable+0x20/0x40
[<c1627c7f>] pcibios_free_irq+0xf/0x20
[<c13189f2>] pci_device_remove+0x52/0xb0
[<c13f6367>] __device_release_driver+0x77/0x100
[<c13f6da7>] driver_detach+0x87/0x90
[<c13f5eaa>] bus_remove_driver+0x4a/0xc0
[<c128bf0d>] ? selinux_capable+0xd/0x10
[<c13f7483>] driver_unregister+0x23/0x60
[<c10bad8a>] ? find_module_all+0x5a/0x80
[<c1317413>] pci_unregister_driver+0x13/0x60
[<f80ac654>] dw_spi_driver_exit+0xd/0xf [spi_dw_midpci]
[<c10bce9a>] SyS_delete_module+0x17a/0x210

Explicitly call free_irq() at removal stage of the DW SPI driver.

Fixes: 04f421e7b0b1 (spi: dw: use managed resources)
Signed-off-by: Andy Shevchenko <>
Signed-off-by: Mark Brown <>
[ luis: backported to 3.16: adjusted context ]
Signed-off-by: Luis Henriques <>
drivers/spi/spi-dw.c | 6 ++++--
1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/spi/spi-dw.c b/drivers/spi/spi-dw.c
index 4fc4c20893e1..66e9e5196c8c 100644
--- a/drivers/spi/spi-dw.c
+++ b/drivers/spi/spi-dw.c
@@ -652,8 +652,7 @@ int dw_spi_add_host(struct device *dev, struct dw_spi *dws)
snprintf(dws->name, sizeof(dws->name), "dw_spi%d",

- ret = devm_request_irq(dev, dws->irq, dw_spi_irq, IRQF_SHARED,
- dws->name, dws);
+ ret = request_irq(dws->irq, dw_spi_irq, IRQF_SHARED, dws->name, dws);
if (ret < 0) {
dev_err(&master->dev, "can not get IRQ\n");
goto err_free_master;
@@ -695,6 +694,7 @@ err_dma_exit:
if (dws->dma_ops && dws->dma_ops->dma_exit)
spi_enable_chip(dws, 0);
+ free_irq(dws->irq, master);
return ret;
@@ -712,6 +712,8 @@ void dw_spi_remove_host(struct dw_spi *dws)
spi_enable_chip(dws, 0);
/* Disable clk */
spi_set_clk(dws, 0);
+ free_irq(dws->irq, dws->master);

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