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SubjectRe: [PATCH] RTC: RK808: Work around hardware bug on November 31st

On Fri, Dec 4, 2015 at 5:54 PM, Julius Werner <> wrote:
>> How would such a hook work? If userspace sees the system suspend on
>> Nov 30th and sees the system wake up on Dec 1st, how does it know
>> whether it should adjust? If it's truly Dec 1st then the kernel will
>> have adjusted the date from Nov 31st to Dec 1st. If it's truly Dec
>> 2nd then the kernel will not have adjusted the date and the RTC will
>> have ticked past Nov 31 and onto Dec 1st. Userspace can't tell.
>> Userspace could try to parse "dmesg" and look to see if the kernel
>> adjusted, but that's ugly.
> Good point, I didn't think that through far enough. I guess parsing
> dmesg would be an option, but a pretty ugly one and it wouldn't be
> guaranteed to work if you got an early boot kernel crash after the
> correction. So, really, it seems like there's no reliable way to fix
> this for S5 (unless we start doing crazy things like writing to disk
> from kernel code).

Hmmm, this made me think. We _do_ have some storage we could use,
depending on how hacky^H^H^H^H^H^H clever we wanted to be. We've got
the alarm registers in the RTC. If we set the alarm to something but
then turn the alarm off then we can use that to store information that
will persist in S5 (as long as the RTC is ticking). What do you
think? I'd have to think of a scheme, but we could certainly use
alarms that are several years in the future (or the past) as a
sentinel, then use the day/month of the last time the kernel saw the

...and speaking of the alarm, we also need to handle the RTC bug for
setting the alarm. If you set an alarm for 10 seconds after Nov 30,
you need to set the alarm for Nov 31st or it will actually fire 10
seconds + 1 day later.

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