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SubjectWANTED new maintainer for Linux/md (and mdadm)

I became maintainer for md (Linux Software RAID) in late 2001 and on
the whole it has been fun and a valuable experience. But I have been
losing interest in recent years ( and
as was mentioned at the kernel summit, I would like to resign. Some
years ago I managed to hand over nfsd to the excellent Bruce Fields,
but I do not seem to have the gift that Linus has of attracting
maintainers. While there are a number of people who know quite a bit
about md and/or have contributed to development, there is no obvious
candidate for replacement maintainer - no one who has already been
doing significant parts of the maintainer role.

So I have decided to fall back on the mechanism by which I ended up
being maintainer in the first place. I will create a vacuum and hope
someone fills it (yes: I was sucked-in....). So as of 1st February
2016 I will be resigning.

At the kernel summit in October Linus talked about the value of
maintainership teams ( I think it
would be great if a (small) team formed to continue to oversee md
rather than just a single individual (or maybe the dm team could extend
to include md??). If I had managed to be part of a team rather than
"going it alone" for so long, I might feel less tired of the whole
thing now.

I don't see it as my place to appoint that team or any individuals, or
even to nominate any candidates. A very important attribute of a
maintainer is that they need to care about the code and the subsystem
and I cannot tell other people to care (or even know if they do). It
is really up to individuals to volunteer. A few people have been
mentioned to me in earlier less-public conversations. Any of them may
well be suitable, but I would rather they named themselves if

So I'm hoping to get one or more volunteers to be maintainer:
- to gather and manage patches and outstanding issues,
- to review patches or get them reviewed
- to follow up bug reports and get them resolved
- to feed patches upstream, maybe directly to Linus,
maybe through some other maintainer, depending on what
relationships already exist or can be formed,
- to guide the longer term direction (saying "no" is important
- to care,
but also to be aware that maintainership takes real effort and time, as
does anything that is really worthwhile.

This all applies to mdadm as well as md (except you would ultimately
*be* upstream for mdadm, not needing to send it anywhere). Even if a
clear team doesn't form it would be great if different people
maintained mdadm and md.

One part of the job that I have put a lot of time in to is following
the list and providing support. This makes
people feel good about md and so more adventurous in using it.
Consequently I tend to hear about bugs and usability issues nice and
early (well before paying customers hit them in most cases) and that is
a big win.
In recent times I've been doing less of this and have been absolutely
thrilled that the gap has been more than filled by other very competent
community members. Not developers particular but a number of md users
have been providing excellent support. I'd particularly like to
high-light Phil Turmel who is very forthcoming with excellent advice,
but he is certainly not the only one who deserves a lot of thanks.
So "Thank you" to everyone who answers questions on linux-raid.

This would be a good place for any future maintainer to hang out to
receive wisdom as well as to provide support.

I will still be around. I can certainly help out in some sort of
mentor role, and can probably be convinced to review patches and
comment on designs. But I really want to head towards spending less
time on md (there are so many other interesting things to learn about).

So: if anyone is interested - please announce yourself, ask questions
and start doing things. I have no clear idea about how a transition
will happen. That is really up to you (plural). Take the bull by the
horns and start *being* a maintainer(team). I won't get in your way
and I'll help where I can.


P.S. I'm committed to continue to work with the raid5-journal effort
From Facebook and the raid1-cluster effort from SUSE and the
line-in-the-sand of 1st February won't affect my support for those.
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