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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3] spi: dts: sun4i: Add support for hardware-based wait time between words
2015-12-14 8:31 GMT+01:00 Marcus Weseloh <>:
> [...]
>>> + /* Setup wait time between words */
>>> + of_property_read_u32(spi->dev.of_node, "spi-word-wait-ns",
>>> + &wait_ns);
>> Read this in probe and save the value rather than fetching every
>> transfer.
> But this is a slave property I'm using here. If I read and store it in
> probe in the spi-sun4i driver, I won't have access to the slave node
> property, will I?

Sorry, I think I get it now. I would need to read the value in SPI
core, when the slave device gets probed. I will send an updated patch.



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