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SubjectRe: [PATCH] arch/powerpc/Kconfig: fix typo in select statement
Hi Daniel,

thank you for the links and the explanation.

On Dec 11 '15 19:13, Daniel Axtens wrote:
> Thanks Valentin.
> Ironically I first noticed the spelling mistake in the original UBSAN
> patchset[1], but wanted it to work on powerpc straight away so I went
> with the mis-spelled version. It's since been corrected upstream[2]; and
> I was going to spin a v2 of my original patch with this fix, especially
> since I tagged the original patch as an RFC only. Regardless, thank you:
> this should keep -mm and next working in the mean time!

I haven't seen the fix, sorry for the noise then.

> > Fixes: 257e4ee82dbd ("powerpc: enable UBSAN support")
> Is this a SHA from linux-next?

Yes, it's Linux next. Retrospectively, that was a bad idea :(

Kind regards,

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