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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/71] More fixes, cleanup and modernization for NCR5380 drivers
Hi Finn,

>>> I have compile-tested all patches to all NCR5380 drivers (x86, ARM,
>>> m68k) and regression tested mac_scsi and dmx3191d modules on suitable
>>> hardware. Testing the mac_scsi and dmx3191d modules provides only
>>> limited coverage. It would be good to see some testing of ISA cards
>>> and Sun 3 and Atari hardware too (I don't have any).
>> I have some NCR5380 ISA cards and can test them.
> Thanks Ondrej. I've no idea which ISA drivers are presently working in
> mainline. Finding regressions may be more difficult than usual ;-)
> Michael, Sam: only atari_scsi and sun3_scsi implement DMA support, so some
> testing of either driver would be helpful.

One way or another, I'll test this series or get someone to test a
kernel I built.



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