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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/4] perf tools: Setup pager when printing usage and help

* Namhyung Kim <> wrote:

> It's annoying to see error or help message when command has many options like in
> perf record, report or top. [...]

That's indeed so.

> [...] So setup pager when print parser error or help message - it should be OK
> since no UI is enabled at the parsing time. The usage_with_options() already
> disables it by calling exit_browser() anyway.

So I wanted to write that this has a disadvantage as well, that the pager disrupts
the regular 'timeline', 'append-only' visual flow of a regular shell workflow.

But then I tried your patches, and for short outputs (such as 'perf stat -h') the
pager is not activated, while for longer output (such as 'perf report -h') it's

That's very intuitive:

Acked-by: Ingo Molnar <>



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