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SubjectRe: Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board Elections and Nomination process
Final reminder and update:

The TAB elections will be held at 6:00pm tomorrow evening, Monday
October 26th during the evening booth-crawl and reception in the Park
Studio room. We will start at 6:00 sharp. Don't be late.

1) Welcome and brief summary of what the TAB does
2) Questions
3) Last call for nominations
4) Candidate statements. Candidates will each have 1 minute to make a
brief statement. Candidates who are unable to attend can provide a
written statement to be read out.
5) Review of polling procedure
6) Polling

The doors to the room will be closed at the start of polling. You must
be in the room by that time if you intend to cast a ballot. Polling
will be conducted by secret paper ballot and a privacy shield will be
provided. Voters must exit the room after casting their ballot.

Counting shall be performed by 2 or 3 neutral people after polling has
completed. Results will be provided by email to the mailing lists
later that same evening.

Currently we have 15 candidates for 5 seats. The current nominations
are (in alphabetical order):
Kees Cook
Jon Corbet
Thomas Gleixner
Stephen Hemminger
Olof Johansson
Shuah Khan
Greg Kroah-Hartman
Kurt H Maier
Steven Rostedt
Dave Taht
Josh Triplett
Theodore Ts'o
Sage Weil
Dan Williams
Rafael Wysocki

On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 9:54 AM, Grant Likely <> wrote:
> Reminder and update:
> As described below, the TAB elections will be held next week with the
> Linux Kernel Summit and the Korea Linux Forum. The election will be
> held at 6:00pm Monday evening during the on-site evening reception.
> Each candidate will have the opportunity to make a brief statement
> before polling. Candidates who are not able to attend personally may
> provide a written statement to be read out.
> We now have 12 nominees for five seats.
> Kees Cook
> Jon Corbet*
> Thomas Gleixner*
> Stephen Hemminger
> Shuah Khan
> Greg Kroah-Hartman*
> Kurt H Maier
> Steven Rostedt
> Dave Taht
> Josh Triplett
> Sage Weil
> Rafael Wysocki
> (*Incumbent)
> The deadline for nominations remains the evening of the election.
> However, we will be pre-printing ballots on Sunday evening with the
> nominations received up to that point. There will be blank spaces
> provided on the ballot for writing in late nominations.
> g.
> On Tue, Oct 6, 2015 at 11:06 AM, Grant Likely <> wrote:
>> The elections for five of the ten members of the Linux Foundation
>> Technical Advisory Board (TAB) are held every year[1]. This year the
>> election will be at the 2015 Kernel Summit in Seoul, South Korea
>> (probably on the Monday, 26 October) and will be open to all attendees
>> of both Kernel Summit and Korea Linux Forum.
>> Anyone is eligible to stand for election, simply send your nomination to:
>> We currently have 3 nominees for five places:
>> Thomas Gleixner
>> Greg Kroah-Hartman
>> Stephen Hemminger
>> The deadline for receiving nominations is up until the beginning of
>> the event where the election is held. Although, please remember if
>> you're not going to be present that things go wrong with both networks
>> and mailing lists, so get your nomination in early).
>> Grant Likely, TAB Chair
>> [1] TAB members sit for a term of 2 years, and half of the board is up
>> for election every year. Five of the seats are up for election now.
>> The other five are half way through their term and will be up for
>> election next year. The history of the TAB elections can be found
>> here:

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