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SubjectRe: [PATCH 5/5] irqchip: gicv3-its: add support for power down
On 2015/1/31 3:23, Marc Zyngier wrote:

> On 30/01/15 07:46, Yun Wu wrote:
>> Configurations of an ITS cannot be changed if the ITS is in an
>> active status, so it might not be safe to perform a soft reboot
>> with all the active ITSes un-disabled, etc. kexec.
>> This patch will make sure all the active ITSes disabled before
>> enabling them again without resetting ITS hardware.
> And what happens if the kernel crashes or gets rebooted from a watchdog?
> Or if the bootloader messes things up? The ITS is in an unknown state
> when we start again.
> Wouldn't it be better to address this instead? Enforcing an safe initial
> state seems a better solution that relying on mechanisms that may not be
> relevant for all cases.

Sure, checking the ITS state before initializing it is really a better
solution, I will rewrite this patch and test again.


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