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SubjectRe: [LTP] The Linux Test Project has been released for JANUARY 2015
On Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 5:03 PM, Cyril Hrubis <> wrote:
> Hi!
>> congrats to the new release!
>> I will check my "iniza" setup of Linux v3.19-rc5 the "(runltp-)lite" way.
>> Can you please add checksum files (md5sum, sha256, etc.) to the place
>> where we get the tarballs, please?
> These are provided by, if you browse the files on there is
> small circle with i on the right, that, when clicked on shows md5 and
> sha1. These were generated by servers but I've checked that they
> match the files I've created.

Thanks, you are right.

I couldn't see that "little i" with my "eyes" :-).

- Sedat -

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