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Subject[PATCH v9 net-next 0/4] load imm64 insn and uapi/linux/bpf.h

- rebase on top of Hannes's patch in the same area [1]
- no changes to patches 1 and 2
- added patches 3 and 4 as RFC to address Daniel's concern.
patch 3 moves eBPF instruction macros and
patch 4 split macros which are shared between classic and eBPF
into bpf_common.h
3 and 4 will be used by verifier testsuite and will be reposted later
during stage III

V8 thread with 'why' reasoning and end goal:

Original set [2] of ~28 patches I'm planning to present in 4 stages:

I. this 2 patches to fork off llvm upstreaming
II. bpf syscall with manpage and map implementation
III. bpf program load/unload with verifier testsuite (1st user of
instruction macros from bpf.h and 1st user of load imm64 insn)
IV. tracing, etc


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