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SubjectRe: power supply gating with ltc2978
On Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 04:34:49PM -0500, atull wrote:

> I am interested in adding functionality to be able to gate power supplies
> going through a ltc2978. I see that there is a hwmon driver already
> existing (hwmon/pmbus/ltc2978.c). I see some of the other hwmon drivers
> have MFD's. It looks like this ltc driver would need a MFD and a
> regulator driver added. However I don't see other pmbus hwmon drivers
> using MFD.

> So I am asking for recommendations and reservations on how to proceed here
> before I get too far with this.

Without knowing anything at all about pmbus or this particular hardware
it's hard to comment but what you're saying here sounds sensible (though
I do see that apparently splitting the drivers may not actually be
sensible from Guenter's followup).
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