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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/17] Convert TTM to the new fence interface.
op 09-07-14 15:09, Mike Lothian schreef:
> Hi Maarten
> Will this stop the stuttering I've been seeing with DRI3 and PRIME? Or will
> other patches / plumbing be required
No, that testing was with the whole series including the parts where you synchronized intel with radeon (iirc).
Although it might if lucky, I noticed that I missed a int to long conversion, which resulted in a success being
reported as error, disabling graphics acceleration entirely.

The series here simply convert the drivers to a common fence infrastructure, but shouldn't cause any regressions
or any major behavioral changes. A separate series is needed to make intel and radeon synchronized,
and for that series the support on the intel side is a hack. It should be possible to get the the radeon/nouveau
changes upstreamed, but this conversion is required for that.


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