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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] 3.14.10-rt7
09.07.2014 15:34, Henrik Austad пишет:
> On Wed, Jul 09, 2014 at 02:01:58PM +0400, Pavel Vasilyev wrote:
>> 07.07.2014 18:34, Thomas Gleixner пишет:

>>> A few words on the status and the future of RT:
>>> -----------------------------------------------
>>> The situation since last years RTLWS (
>>> has not improved at all, it's worse than before.
>>> While shortly after RTLWS quite some people promised to whip up proper
>>> funding, nothing has materialized and my personal situation is worse
>>> than before.
>> Create site, add PayPal [DONATE] button.
> But.. where would they donate money?
> Jokes aside, setting up an easy way to support the project wouldn't be such
> a bad idea. Is this something we (tglx) could talk (convince)
> linuxfoundation into hosting?

Linux foundation || OSADL || Independent hosting ...
Why not? Grsecurity project so lives. When I worked actively with grsecurity,
10-20$ sent almost every month. Now they found sponsors, сreated commercial
technical support.


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