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SubjectRe: [RFCv2 PATCH 08/23] sched: Aggregate unweighted load contributed by task entities on parenting cfs_rq
On Fri, Jul 04, 2014 at 12:25:55AM +0800, Morten Rasmussen wrote:
> From: Dietmar Eggemann <>
> Energy aware scheduling relies on cpu utilization and to be able to
> maintain it, we need a per run queue signal of the sum of the
> unweighted, i.e. not scaled with task priority, load contribution of
> runnable task entries.
> The unweighted runnable load on a run queue is maintained alongside the
> existing (weighted) runnable load.
> This patch is the unweighted counterpart of "sched: Aggregate load
> contributed by task entities on parenting cfs_rq" (commit id
> 2dac754e10a5).
Hi Dietmar and Morten,

You may or may not have noticed my patch the other day:

sched: Rewrite per entity runnable load average tracking

With this new load average tracking, unweighted load average will be very much
simplifed to do.


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