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SubjectRe: Scalability Question
The most powerful super computer runs Ubuntu with over 3.2 million cores.
There fore I can state that Linux is very good at scaling as I have seem
the other side with embedded systems.
Cheers Nick

On Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 11:24 PM, Mike Galbraith
<> wrote:
> On Fri, 2014-07-04 at 16:40 -0400, Nick Krause wrote:
>> I am curious after reading some outdated kernel papers, how scalable
>> is the kernel of
>> late? I am curious mostly in memory and cpu subsystems as file systems
>> will change
>> based on user's choice.
> You can currently configure for up to 8192 CPUs. I've not seen any
> benchmark data whatsoever for huge boxen, have no idea where which
> subsystem crumbles. SGI asked for the increase to 8192, so presumably
> do manage to squeeze acceptable performance out of size XXXXL boxen.
> -Mike

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