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SubjectRe: [RFC v4 2/2] backlight: device tree: add new tps611xx backlight binding
>     > +- rfa-enable: enable request for acknowledge.
> > +  If RFA is enabled, the data byte includes the RFA bit and device will
> wait
> > +  and check acknowledge from device.
> You didn't answer my question as to why this should be in the DT.
> According to the RFA enable, the easy scale pin works differently.
> This value should be set before the first data transfer.

Sure, things works differently if this is set. That I understood.

What I haven't heard is a rationale as to why this configuration option
shuold be in the DT.

Can I enable this on all implementations, or not?

When would I enable this and when would I not?

The property reads like a switch to turn a feature on, rather than the
description of the presence of a feature.

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